The Trust

The Start of The Trust

“As a lifelong Clach supporter Charlie Shield (my husband) was heartbroken at the thought Clach Football Club being no longer. So one bleak February night after one or two glasses of wine Charlie mentioned he wanted to form a supporters trust after much searching on the internet we found that this was indeed possible. Several phone calls later led me to Supporters Direct. I spoke to James Proctor of Supporters Direct and along with Les Kidger, then Chairman of I C T Supporters Trust spoke at our open meeting at the Merkinch Community Hall on 26th of February. We did not know how many people would turn up but were overwhelmed by the number of people that did turn up over 60 people turned up. We asked the question do you want to go forward with forming a trust and there was a unanimous decision made that we should. A committee was formed which turned out to be the magnificent six.

They are Charlie Shield, Louise Shield, Margaret Mckendrick, Ali Chisholm, Sandra Duncan and Dougie Noble.

We had a couple of meetings and it was decided that we would go ahead and form the trust.

One of the aims of Supporters Direct is to have a member on the board of directors and we were welcomed with open arms and Dougie Noble is our man on the board.

Unlike some clubs the trust are working together with the board of Directors to secure Clach’s future and every trust member is a part of this.

The committee has grown and the other members are

Billy Corbett, Lesley Carracher, Alec Howie, Charlie Simpson, Brian Duncan, and Robbie Williamson—Youth Convener

The trust members are part of the working group that has met with the council representatives to agree payment of the debt and rent of the ground

The trust is now paying the rent for all home 1st team games.”

Mrs Shield